About me

Johanna was born and raised in Colombia, she always had an immense passion to help everyone she comes in contact with, she took the time to listen and assist those who had emotional traumas, which eventually led her to study Psychology at Cooperative University of Colombia and graduate in 2003.

Turmoil in her life and surroundings made her leave the comfort of her home country and move to the United States, to adapt to a different culture, language, environment and sadly not able to practice her love, Psychology. She managed to blend in 2006 to achieve a career in the medical field by graduating as a Massage Therapist from Florida College of Natural Health and her momentum towards the healing field was once again reborn.

Her dream was to use her experience and knowledgeable words to empower others to see the beauty, intelligence, and self-worth that is found within us. Johanna’s time growing up in the USA had given her the opportunity to experience the importance of a childlike spirit and how imperative it is to heal the inner child. In 2018 Johanna decided, in her spare time, to share this dream by creating a Facebook page

Facebook.com/zeninnerchild/ and blog (inner child.blog) with the aspiration that her writings will help uplift, empower, and motivate people that have lost their inner child because of social conditioning, and to regain joy, enthusiasm, and admiration within themselves through the power of self-love.

In 2018, Johanna brought her talents of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energetic Clearings to helping clients overcome indecisiveness, overwhelming thought, and self-doubt. In her sessions, Johanna uses the Holistic paradigm of Structure, Emotions, and Energy along with Crystals, Semi-Precious Stones, Tibetan Singing Bowl, sound healing, Incense, Affirmations and Chants to aid in the balancing of the body so it can assist in the healing process and perform much more efficiently.

Johanna is preparing to extend her knowledge in the healing arts by mastering the Singing Bowls, Tuning forks and other eclectic Energy techniques not only to enhance her sessions but to eventually start teaching classes to educate people on how to tap into their own energy

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