Letting myself to grieve one day in a busy world is necessary.

Sometimes I feel like I have my life together, other days feels like my world crumbles, I am aware that my souls know that is part of life, it is all part of divine purpose, and that we must encounter highs and lows to find the balance in between, but the human in me sometimes takes over and it feels that I am in this void of nothingness and everything at once, that’s where my two worlds collide and it feels very painful; my humanness embodied me not wanting me to go with the flow, but my soul would say to dig deeper.

You see, we are constantly moving through the ebb of life with the highs and the lows, we are constantly learning, teaching, and doing, but we forget just how to be, to be still, to feel the feels, to allow one day of mourning when feeling sad, to just find our inner temple, to listen to the flow of our blood that the rhythm of our heart creates when it pumps.

We forget that we are miracles, we are love, that everything is just a dream and we are the ones who can change our own lives however we want, we can create it by just being real and honest to ourselves, by not controlling the outcome and just flowing by seeing that what is presented in front of us it’s, in fact, a lesson we are meant to learn, that we must control how we react to every situation, we can keep our peace, or we can create the chaos, is that simple.

We can keep fighting against it or just go with the flow, by going against it we are creating suffering but when we understand and see what is trying to teach us from an outside point, we create balance, when we accept that we can co-create with the outside world and not let it affect us, that the only thing you can control is your own life, that worrying about others lives cause suffering, the only way we can contribute to the world is our own healing, that’s when we gain our own power back, everything will make sense, and we can learn on how to just be and feel.

©Johanna Pupiales

feelthefeelings #sadfeelings #grieving #imsorry

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