A Poem Of Self Growth…

I became addicted to the first ray of sunshine peaking thru the tree while looking out from my window.

I became addicted to the smell of the coffee while just feeling the presence of the world waking up.

I became addicted to the sound of the birds flying and flapping the wings with a beautiful chirping calling the others.

I became addicted to the sound of my breath when in deep meditation welcoming a new day, a new start.

I became addicted to the daily words of wisdom the books provide to my mind.

I became addicted to daily affirmations and setting intentions for a better day ahead.

I became addicted to finding 5 min to just be present in the now.

I became addicted to strengthening my body with daily workouts and mindful stretches.

I became addicted to a power breakfast that will give me energy throughout the day.

I became addicted to a balanced state, where even though I know the day has many challenges I have the power to control how to react to those moments.

I became addicted to not taking anything personally, but rather holding space for those who need it.

I became addicted to setting healthy boundaries in my relationships and nurturing the ones who show interest to create a healthy one.

I became addicted to not letting anything or anyone take my power away from me, but rather letting go of the outcome.

I became addicted to appreciating the wonderful miracles around, as part of my gratitude ritual.

I became addicted to the sound of my feet walking away from things and people that no longer serve my growth.

I became addicted to saying no when something doesn’t feel right.

I became extremely addicted to following my inner guidance and not letting outside forces influence my state of being.

I became addicted to taking action and willpower to make those things happen and made it a daily routine.

I became addicted to my self-healing and self-love.

Becoming addicted to growth is what is needed for the soul. When will you become addicted to yourself?

©Johanna Pupiales

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