In Order To Grow, We Have To Let Go.

Endings are never easy, sometimes it comes from out of nowhere, and even if it is expected it will still take us by surprise, but why is that?  It comes down that a part of our ego got hurt, a part of our comfort came to an end; therefore we need to change and to let our ego die, and let go of our expectations and focus on what the soul needs.

There are times where we hold on for dear life to relationships that have met their course, whether is romantic, platonic, friendship, or business, only for the sole purpose of honoring what has been a longtime relationship, but what we don’t realize is that could be toxic, unbalanced, or one-sided, and that can be detrimental to our soul. Once we feel that we can’t take less than what we deserve, that we need to honor ourselves instead of staying in those dead-end relationships, the act of letting go, becomes a form of self-love.

Each person, each experience teaches us something greater, and at the end, we take a piece with us to the next chapter, sometimes people rather take bitter moments, so they can justify the loss, but instead of taking a bitter piece, is better to take something valuable and gratifying that will help us unlock our next chapter.

Each ending that we experience, might represent a piece of the puzzle of becoming the person we need to be, to learn some more, to understand what that specific person represented in our lifetime to help trigger/heal a certain part of our lives, resisting to it will create greater pain.

Everything in life is a circle, everything we go thru comes to an end, and something new has to start, we need to take the best from each part of that journey or circle that we have lived, we need to honor them and cherish them, even the small things, the happy, and not the happy. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves judging the ending, but we need to give ourselves more credit and make peace with it, accepting where we are in life will create an abundance of what we are looking for.

“Real healing starts when you choose to become your loving parent, sibling, spouse, friend, or child. The lesson in every relationship is honoring, and sometimes the karma is to let go”

Johanna Pupiales.

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