Awareness In The Midst Of Reality.

Even the toughest people sometimes need strength. Sometimes we go through life getting things done, busy days, busy nights with the mindset of creating a reality that we are worth deserving of, but there are times, that we need strength, that we need an extra push to keep going. To keep striving in the many roles of a life that we take on.

Toughest people, sometimes need a break, from the heavyweight they being carrying silently, from the tears that they hold back, Toughest people need a break from being strong, from being the ground of others, need a break from everyday life.

Being tough it is also the willingness to embrace the softness of our being, it is caring for us too, to continue the path ahead without hesitation, it is being honest with yourself and says when you need a break when you need to be nurtured, loved, care by you and also accept the landing hands of help.

Toughest people create time for themselves doing what makes their heart sing and skip a beat, toughest people will listen to their bodies for what they need, toughest people will let their emotions flow and sometimes they will break too and it’s ok, that what it makes us human.

Toughest people will Create their strength by giving the extra push of self-love and self care. By taking care of mind, body, and spirit.

©Johanna Pupiales

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