The best thing in life is always to start over.

I know is a very tough time for everyone and for the economy as well, a lot of people are out of jobs and it can cause a lot of stress. I am self-employed and it does cause a lot of anxiety to see what going to happen next, but when the world seems chaotic we just need to pause and take a breather, breather from the news, from the feeds, from the panic and come back to our senses

I feel like the universe is doing a reset and want us in universal time out so more people can awake and gain consciousness about how are we treating each other and the planet, how to gain connection and be human again. Have you seen how nice the water in Venice looks after locked downs? And Chinese people were able to see a blue sky and hear the birds, they never heard the birds before because it was always in constant movement, we are also seeing how some people are helping others and being kind with people and the elderly

Our planet earth, our true home is taking a breather and recovering from all the abuse that’s has been done to it, maybe we can gain some sense out of all these and just all business and humanity can see things from a different perspective, some people can work from home, some things can be done differently, it has been proven through this pandemic that can be done, we can all work together, so we can reduce the pollution and heal our home. Things can be done differently and help the planet too. The world keeps getting overpopulated, building more roads for more cars, building more housing for people and taking the beauty of earth away little by little, we have to come up with a different approach and each government also should do the same.

©Johanna Pupiales

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