What happens when you connect with a total stranger and for some odd reason you feel this great connection, a certain type of dejavu; a feeling of knowing them for years, something you can’t really point out but you feel sure that you have shared some sort of experiences previously. They seemed very attuned to you, similarities starts to appear and a greater connection develops.

The greater the relationship starts to developed; the greater the “coincidences”. So why do we experience such a feeling? Why do we feel the need to connect with some people more than others? Because our souls have recognized their souls; We have been here giving round and round to this world for many and many years, we all are interconnected in previous lives and came to this world for a purpose.

Each soul has a purpose in this life; whether is to teach a lesson to help you grow, help you with a cycle, help you finish the cycle, or to awaken you and help you realize who you were once. We have made soul contracts that we can’t remember after we are born, but the cords and the contracts are there, thats why we feel similarities and connections and we are able to recognize them.

We meet some people who we so call “soulmates” or “twin flames”, from who we can experience an amazing and unexplainable connection, and have the similarities I was explaining earlier on. Some are here to help you for a certain stage but are not meant to stay in your life forever, and once they meet their purpose they will fall out of your life.

Not every person we meet will be sunshine and rays, some other will might rub you the wrong way or you can’t seem to like their personality even sometimes without meeting them just even by taking a glance, so why is that? They came to help you find the true you, they will be a mirror of what we need to change in order to grow, they will be as we call now a life lesson.

Johanna Pupiales


2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Finding our connections in life! Great article Johanna. I’m so grateful that my soul recognized your soul !

    1. Thank you so much Deanna❤

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